About Us

🐾 Meet Our Pack🐾


     Meet our pack; Francisco Reynoso, Olivia, Savannah and my name is Katrina Short, we are the proud owners of Katrina's Pet Salon. Francisco and I have been together for over 9 years and we have two beautiful daughters together. We are all about family, and we all share love and compassion for animals. 

   I find being a pet groomer is just as important as being a vet. I see pets on a recurring basis and I get to know the pet personally and know their body. I saved many pets lives as a groomer by noticing or feeling a new lump or bump, and reporting my concern to their parent later to find out it was cancerous and it was found early enough to be saved! This for me Is rewarding as it is for the pet & Families. I love meeting & seeing every animal that comes through our doors. 

     I am an honest groomer and we hold all our groomers to that standard. I have been grooming now for 13 years. I love educating myself and our staff by continuing our grooming education with grooming seminars, safety courses and educational classes. It has been a dream of mine since I first started grooming to one day own my own shop. With my fiancé/business partner that dream is now a reality. We're very proud and I'm truly happy to open these doors to the world. I love animals and love what I do, grooming is my passion and you can see through my work! Welcome! 


This is our loving Pit bull Tank. 


This is our creative standard poodle Zeus.